Hmm... How To Price Your Success!?!?

Here at Coscorem we are honest, creative, and full of integrity and transparency. One of our pet peeves is finding the perfect product or service on a snazzy website... and we need to give our contact info in order to get a call back by a sales rep to get pricing! Well, we don't like wasting anyone's time. Professional marketing and production are customized services. Although pricing your success is a challenge before meeting to understand your goals and budget, we have given ranges and examples of how we price so you at least have an idea. It all comes down to time, we price your project based on the time it takes us to produce it. Your meetings with Coscorem are always free,  and you'll always get some amazing marketing advice. Click on one of the icons below to get you to the info you need!





Video Production - Commercials: $500 - $2000

From a basic :15 digital bookend slideshow style with background music and title card to a scripted :30 spot with all the bells and whistles such as drone footage, graphics, voice-over, music, and sound effects, we'll create an attention-grabbing commercial for you!

$750 - 15 second bookend with animated graphics, drone, and music. CO Lumber supplied the voice over talent that we recorded.

$2000 - (Discounted to $1500 for free drinks and dinners!) - 30 second scripted spot with animated graphics, drone, music, voice overs, actors, sound effects and 2 separate trips to shoot crowd, food prep and staff.


Video Production - Special Events: $500 - $5000

Mostly depends on the length of the event, type of event, and what's included in the final video production. We can deliver simple documentation type video to full production cinema-style video! 

$1000 - Is what a video like this would cost, although we gladly volunteered our time to produce this as documentation for the kids and families of Pride Panthers, a wonderful organization. 5 minute recap of Pride Panthers and USAFA Men's soccer event.  2 hours on location, 3 camera operators, drone, music, animated graphics, sound effects, and approximately 10 hours of production time.

$5000 - 5 minute recap of PPIHC Fan Fest 2018.  10 hours on location, 5 camera operators, drone permission from City of Colorado Springs with CSPD escort, Red Bull release, music licensing, over 30 hours of production time.


Graphic Design - $100/hr

A general range is about $100/hr, but also depends on the project, budget, and if there's an ongoing relationship, rates may come in as low as $50/hr. For example, several clients, such as Luisa Graff, Integrity Bank, HVAC Solutions, Kratt Commercial, and The Equity Group to name a few, retain us to design multiple projects per month for an ongoing basis. We negotiate lower rates for the retainer contract. We will also work on one-time marketing campaigns on a project budget basis.


2019 Integrity Charitable Trust Golf Tournament marketing campaign. 8.5x11 fliers, 11x17 and drive-thru posters, Facebook posts and calendar event posts, email headers, twitter posts, statement images.

Other Integrity Bank marketing examples


Graphic Design - Branding $500 - $3000

Need a new logo for your new company? No problem. As low as $500 to start the branding of your company, the price goes up if it's a rebrand, as in taking old logos, look, etc and redesigning your company brand, and there's also things like designing icons, web look, color palette, stationery and so on...


Pribila Law rebrand project, a new color palette that's more web-friendly, plus simple solid colors for easy black and white transition, and marketing materials. Website redesign, location signage, and more to come.


South Nevada Urban Development Project

Merging 3D Renderings with

Drone Photo

Interactive maps for their website

Signage concept design

Marketing brochure


Web Devlopment - $1000 - $10,000

There are several factors, building from scratch, redesigning an existing site, number of pages, interactivity, links, SEO, analytics, tools and plugins, design, elements, and more. Most websites are as easy as using something like Wix or GoDaddy, while others could be more complex and need to be done in WordPress or Drupal. It also depends on the budget in terms of after the initial design, do you need someone to maintain the site at a monthly fee, or, many times, if the site is basic enough, we will design and setup in something like Wix and one of your associates can take over the user-friendly platform.