Choose a full-service agency that does not have a bias marketing plan such as just social media, SEO, TV ads, or radio spots. At Coscorem, we are experts at all forms of marketing and will give the best, unbiased recommendations, to help your business succeed. 


You had the motivation and tenacity to start a business. How do you let everyone know about your brilliant idea, your passion, and what you have to offer so you can keep going on your path? Marketing is a part of every business plan and a part of every successful business. Write to us and tell us what you're thinking. 


You're probably looking for ways to separate yourself from your competition,  right? How do you stand out, what do you offer that's better than anyone else? It all starts with your branding. Everything from design to what you stand for. We've helped many businesses take that first step in branding or rebranding! 


Once you make that smart move, whether it's a new brand or a professional redesign of your current look, the perception and message of your company are critical. Tell everyone who you are, and make sure the message holds continuity across all platforms. From your sign outside and website to rack cards and mailers, we can help keep everything cohesive.  


You know your business, and we know marketing. We love to hear your story, your goals, what your company stands for. We'll take our years of experience and work with you to find that perfect look and message that screams "YOUR BRAND". We'll always be creative with you and push boundaries strategically.  


Your time is precious. Yet, you spend hours and days at all the networking events in town expecting some sort of result by hanging out with people in the same boat as you. The successful ones are in their office or in front of customers they reached through marketing channels that their marketing agency recommended. Be one of those people!  


A good marketing agency will develop a marketing campaign with the ultimate goal of increased customers and revenue. A great marketing agency will collect data on that campaign and send it to you. The best agencies will analyze that data and adjust your marketing campaigns according to your needs and success such changes in your business, growth, demographics, seasons, and holidays. 


Marketing analytics is critical to being efficient with your hard-earned budget. A good marketing plan has multiple channels. Tracking the progress of each channel and adjusting accordingly is key to developing the perfect marketing plan for your business.


...at the expense of losing market share! A 2016 survey of 168 CMO's reported that as much as 40 percent of a firm's budget was allocated to marketing. Why do companies like Coca-Cola or Nike spend so much on advertising and marketing? Don't they have enough brand awareness and customers? One responsibility of being in business is to gain more customers, and certainly not lose any to the competition. 


So simple, right? Knowing the right steps to succeed is not the difficult part, it's the execution of all the steps in between. Some of the most successful companies in the world started with one person, and that person hired people around them that were experts in their field, such as marketing and advertising. Interview us to earn the position as your marketing team, to help you and your company succeed. 

Coscorem has partnered with The Harman Media and Marketing Group, a full-service Advertising Agency, and Frostbyte Marketing, a Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency here in Colorado Springs. Our team offers national-level marketing at local budgets due to efficiency in keeping costs low, overhead at a minimum, and passing those savings to our clients. Our services include everything from video production, marketing,  SEO, web development, graphic design, branding, and strategic media buying such as digital, radio, and broadcast. Every meeting is always free, and we'll gladly share our marketing expertise with you.  

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