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Commercial Marketing - Commercial Brokers, REG's, Management Companies; we're here to help you win business

Management Companies - Click here if you're Marketing for lease, click here if you need Documentation

Insurance - Homeowners and Insurance Agents, easy low cost aerial and high res property videos and photos

Appraisals/Inspections - Simple appointment settings to get that roof shot on a 20 story building and photo needs

Developers - From planning to final build, showcase your entire project with our developer packages

Note: Some plans may look similar but offered at different prices - we do take notice of the difference between documenting vs showcasing. When documenting we are not taking the time to be cinematic or creative with certain angles, but simply getting the right shot or footage for documenting reasons. Documenting generally takes less time and creativity or editing. Commercial projects are more, typically due to size, location and hours available to video/photograph.